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In the case of patients whose Myopia and Hyperopia are very high and its treatment can not perform a laser treatment for this reason or because their cornea is too thin, Dr. Felipe Vejarano offers an excellent alternative is the implantation of Phakic Lens.

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There is a percentage of patients with high refractive errors, which must necessarily use very thick glasses or contact lenses, rigid and therefore has great limitations in their daily lives and in their work and family life.

For patients with Myopia above 13.0 to 30 diopters, Hyperopia greater than 6.0 diopters and 6.0 diopters Astigmatism greater than and once you do the diagnostic tests (topography, pachymetry, Pupilometry, autorefractometria), Dr. Felipe Vejarano Surgery performed Phakic Lens Implant.

In surgery not exceeding 30 minutes, Dr. Felipe Vejarano perform the implant of an intraocular lens inside the eye, keeping the original crystal. This treatment is an excellent alternative for these patients with high refractive errors, which may improve their visual quality and therefore their quality of life.

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