Cross Linking treatment is used in patients with keratoconus. So treatments for keratoconus are aimed at strengthening this layer of the cornea depending on the degree of progression of the disease, we can initially increase the stiffness of her 300% with an innovative new procedure called CROSS-LINKING. This represents an enzymatic reaction, natural, chemical or oxidative photodynamic inducing a curing that increases intra and interfibrillar covalent corneal collagen. This is a totally outpatient treatment with topical anesthesia (drops) in which the mixture of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) with ultraviolet light type A in the cornea causing new adhesions between collagen fibers, which in this disease are weakened, hardening them and increasing their rigidity and thus slowing the progression of KERATOCONUS.

With this we achieve stability and avoid surgical procedures such as the Rings Intracorneal or finally when it is too late in the corneal transplant.

This procedure can be used in addition to emerging as a single treatment Keratoconus, Keratoconus can be used in more advanced before surgery Ring intracorneal I also causing a stabilizing effect and prevents the rings definitely progression of the disease.

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