en t catarata

As of 2000, implemented the SAFE technique CHOP in all cataract phacoemulsification by 100% of their surgeries in this way. From December 2005 cataract surgeries performed by phacoemulsification microincisions (1.7 mm), having made more than 3000 cases of this type.

en que es catarata

It is the progressive clouding of the lens which is the natural lens of the eye, interfering with the passage of light onto the retina, causing decreased vision.

en tecnica facoemulsificacion

It is the most modern and safe procedure for cataract surgery. Surgery is fully ambulatory, using topical anesthesia (eye drops) and its duration is not more than 15 minutes. It makes the implementation of an intraocular lens (IOL) that replaces the folding eye's natural lens removed in the procedure.

en ventajas catarata

It is a self-sealing incision, stronger and more resilient whose healing faster and more advanced, so that does not require points.

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