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What is Keratoconus? It is a disease of the cornea gradually evolving to take an irregular cone-shaped because there is an alteration of the internal structure of corneal tissue.

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1. Progressive loss of vision.

2. Eye irritation.

3. Intolerance to contact lenses.

4. High astigmatism so poor vision.

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According to the state of progression of keratoconus:

1. Glasses in its infancy.

2. Contact lenses when the glasses become insufficient.

3. Intracorneal rings when there has been progression of keratoconus.

4. Cross Linking to reinforce the effect of intrastromal rings.

5. Cornea transplant: when in the most advanced state and can not be any better with the other options.

Dr. Felipe Vejarano performs the intracorneal ring implant since March 2005, one of the pioneering experts in Colombia to offer this alternative to their patients and is currently the most implants placed in Colombia. The surgical procedure takes less than 15 minutes and involves placing one or two semi-circular segments in the cornea in order to modify the corneal curvature, seeking to flatten and give a regular profile and thus stabilize the progression of keratoconus.

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